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Ponds & Lakes for Residential or Commercial 

Building a pond or a lake requires proper design and clearly defined objectives. What will you do with the lake or pond? Is it for recreation or farm/ranch use?


Richardson Construction has designed dozens of ponds and lakes, from water features to multiple acres in size. We know the questions to ask and have a proven construction process that delivers a pond or lake that will last for years with minimum maintenance.


Once a location is determined, we take engineering surveys to plan dam, spillway, or other required features. We carefully plot and stake out the site to make sure the lines, grade and elevations are precise.


At this point, we also dig test holes to determine the viability of the soil, to decide if enough clay is present to hold water, or whether we'll need to haul in clay.


Because we own all of our equipment, there's no waiting on subcontractors. This allows us to keep costs down and quality control high.

Digging Large Retention Pond
Beginning Pond Excavation
Clearing the Land
Lakes Add to Aesthetics
Creating Useful Ponds & Lakes
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