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Residential & Commercial Roads and Driveways 

Excavating for roads and driveways involves the removal of soil and other materials. Road construction, even for driveways, requires precise slope grading for proper drainage. 

Richardson Construction, LLC, is experienced in dealing with the rocks, soil, and clay found in Southeast Texas, including Polk County, surrounding counties, and Lake Livingston. 


This expertise, coupled with their fleet of well-maintained hauling and digging equipment makes them the perfect choice for excavation and roadway work on any residential or commercial project.


Working with the builder or developer, Richardson Construction excavates the project and bring in the necessary materials based on a staked survey or plan.


We are fully insured; and trained on Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations and the Texas Forestry Best Management Practices (BMP) for water management.

Richardson Construction Delivers Dir
Grading a Subdivision Road
Final Clearing for a Road
Installing a Giant Culvert
Placing a Giant Culvert
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